It is often said  the best spice of cooking is,,,,,,,, LOVE.

It sounds like grandma’s words, but I truly believe it.

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I love to go to fancy restaurants to enjoy sophisticated dishes and their presentations, but when I feel tired, I always miss  my mom’s dish because I could feel LOVE which I need at that moment.

Just simple white rice, miso soup, baked fish, Nimono (cooked vegetables),,,,,and love.

Like my mom loves cooking for her family, I love cooking for my family (husband).

I am always in the kitchen like my mom.

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I do cook any kinds of dishes, not only Japanese, but also American, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese and even Vietnamese.

That is different from my mom, but adding LOVE in the final touch is the same.

My husband loves eating any kinds of food I cook.


However when my husband looks tired, I always go for Japanese dish.

Recently Japanese food is very popular around the world, and I think most of people know what BENTO BOX is.

Many Japanese restaurants prepare BENTO BOX during the lunch hour which has  Tempura, Sashimi, rolls, and fried chicken in one squared box with rice.

YES, that is BENTO BOX, but originally it is not.


Every day Japanese mothers wake up early and prepare O BENTO for their children or husbands.

(We put “O” with some words, showing our respect to people or things. I will put “O” in front of BENTO.)

As I mentioned, I love cooking for my husband, but I especially love preparing OBENTO in the morning, thinking of my husband who is still sleeping in the bed.

What makes so special for obento is that I have to use my brain what I should and want to put in a tiny tiny tiny space.

I have to think about the balance of nutrition and at the same time it has to look pretty for the eater to be able to enjoy by sight as well.

Japanese young mothers are very good at letting their kids eat vegetables or sometime the food they don’t like by showing the food attractively.


When I finish preparing OBENTO, I always wish my husband would love it, and in the middle of the day I am wondering if he already finishes or not.

I can’t see him enjoying my OBENTO.  That is the difference between OBENTO and the dishes on the table.

When he comes back home, he says GOCHISOSAMA  (it was delicious), passing me the empty lunch box.

Then finally I could know he enjoyed it.

I would like to introduce my OBENTO and the food I cook with love.

I am happy if you could enjoy as well.

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