Japanese Curry Rice!


Not only India and Thai, I think any country has some kind of curry dish.

We, Japanese, also have our style curry.


Some people say that CURRY RICE is a Japanese national food along with RAMEN!

If you haven’t tried this Japanese national food, you have to try it!

I have a strong confidence that many of you would love CURRY RICE.

My husband likes Japanese CURRY RICE (it might be his favorite!), so when I have to leave him at home alone for a few weeks, I always prepare CURRY RICE and freeze it for him to enjoy during my absence.

He always says he could survive with this and he could eat this every day!


CURRY RUCE is a quite easy dish since we can buy curry roux (base) at any grocery stores.

When you go to Asian grocery stores, you could find various  brands’ Japanese curry roux boxes, and each brand has two or three levels of heatness, mild, medium spicy, and spicy.

I usually mix two or three kinds of roux  to get  complex flavor.


When I was a kid, my mom always looked sorry to serve CURRY RICE since she thought it was a kind of corner cutting dish.

I inherit my mom’s thought and I have the same feeling when I use store-bought curry roux for dinner, but my husband loves it, so it doesn’t matter now and also I found the way to change corner-cutting dish into well-prepared dish.

Usually we can prepare Japanese CURRY RICE as follows.

1.sautee  vegetables and meats

2.add water

3.cook until they get tender

4.add roux

5.cook little more



I learned how to take advantage of UMAMI flavor by cooking  pot roast, so I apply the same method to my Japanese CURRY RICE.

Cook seasoned meat in a pot first (little by little!  never over crowded with meat!), then I will get UMAMI from the meat on the bottom of the pot.


Sautee the vegetables in the same pot, and return the meat.

Sometimes I add red wine, and scrape the UMAMI at the bottom.

You can put any vegetables in curry and very popular one is potatoes, but I don’t like to put potatoes because they make CURRY very thick.

Instead there is one thing I always put.

That is,,,,


a can of whole tomato!

I put a lot, but since Japanese Curry roux is so thick and has strong flavor, even lots of tomatoes never overwhelm the dish.

I reduce the required water  since I have lots of water from tomatoes.

I add some spices and herbs, too.


In a bag , I put garlic, ginger, and whole spices, and tie the herbs.

Then you can cook slow on the gas stove, but I take pot roast method.

Put the pot with lid in the preheated oven for about 2 hours.

Then, I will get,,,


melting meats and vegetables!

As for rice, rice has to be basmati rice for Indian curry and rice has to be Jasmin rice for Thai curry.

How about Japanese curry?

Of course, rice has to be Japanese rice, which has more moisture and sweetness than other rice.

Just white rice will do, but I put a little bit of,,,,


turmeric and bay leaves when I cook the rice.

This isn’t corner-cutting dinner, this is a ,,,

feast for my husband!

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