shiso syrup


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It is already November, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I know time flies so fast, but I didn’t expect that fast!!



While I am making autumn flavor foods , trying to catch up the season, still I am enjoying the left over summer flavor.

That summer flavor is Shiso Syrup.

Shiso is my favorite Japanese herb, and I believe that is one of the most popular herb in Japan.

A touch of shiso at the end of cooking makes many dishes completed, and that refreshing flavor enhances the deliciousness.



A few weeks ago even though the summer was already gone, I got a huge bunch of red shiso luckily.

I have to confess.  Even though I love shiso, I had never purchased and cooked red shiso.

I know people use red shiso for pickles because of their beautiful natural color and distinctive flavor.

When I got red shiso, I used them like I did to regular green shiso, but I had plenty of them!  They had never gone!

Then I searched the recipes, and I found very attractive one.

Let’s make shiso syrup!



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The result was wonderful!

That’s why even though it might be difficult for you to get them, I would like to introduce this lovely color syrup just in case.


Here are the ingredients.



  • about 1 lb of red red shiso leaves
  • 16 oz of water
  • 1/4 lb of cane sugar
  • 2 oz of apple cider or rice vinegar



Before cooking, look at their,,,



beautiful color!



This purple color indicates they have lots of polyphenol, and recent study shows they are good for anti-aging(!!) and allergies.

Because of their good smell, they stimulate appetite, so they are often taken during the humid summer in Japan.

Usually they are sold by bunch, so please wash them thoroughly.  They might have lots of dirt.


Then let’s cooking!

Since we use vinegar, we have to use stainless or enamel coated pot.

Pour the water into the pot, and bring to boil.

Then, put all the leaves into it.



They might reach to the top of the pot, but once they are cooked, they wilt, so push them in!

Close the lid and cook it for a few minutes.




squeeze all the liquid from the leaves.

They are very hot, so be careful.

First I was so careful that I used tongs, but I wanted to squeeze more, so I used secret weapons, my  hands.


I took a risk, and I got a good,,,







Return all the shiso liquid to the pot, and add sugar.

I use relatively a small amount of sugar, so if you want, you could add more.

Once all the sugar dissolves, pour ,,,



the vinegar.

I want this syrup to be fruity and mild, so I used apple cider vinegar, but you can use rice vinegar as well.



I didn’t do canning, but just in case I sterilized by boiling.



Pour all the liquid and that’s all!

When you drink, dilute with water or sparking water.

It depends on you,  but you could dilute 1 Tb spoon of syrup with 5 oz of water.



You can store it in the refrigerator for six months! but it doesn’t last long….


101 (500x375)

Every day after taking shower, we enjoy this, and now it is almost gone….

I miss summer and I already miss this syrup.







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