everyday obento


I have been preparing my husband’s OBENTO for more than ten years.  Before that, I was working as well, so I didn’t prepare, and even didn’t think and worry what he would have for his lunch.

Now I am so worried if I couldn’t prepare.

I am a full time house wife, and to take care of my husband and my furry kids is my job.  After these ten years as a housewife, I have been improving. (Lucky my husband!  or the previous me was just not good.)

Some people think “housewife is not a job!”.


As far as I am at home, I am at my working place, so I couldn’t feel relaxed.  Poor me..

However I love my job.   That’s why I am keep working!  I couldn’t earn money, but I could get reward by words.

As I said in my previous article about OBENTO, obento is very special for me.

Even though I couldn’t put anything special, I try to make it, thinking the balance of the nutrition, and more over thinking and wishing that my husband would enjoy it.


I woke up this morning at 5 AM as always, and stood in the kitchen and thought.

Well, what could I put today in my or his ( ? ) obento?


Today I would like to introduce a very easy side dish, using celery.

Also I will introduce a Japanese flavored boiled egg.

I always have those two in my fridge, so they are my last resort!


Before showing the instruction, I want to mention why I cook celery like this.

Have you ever heard of FUKI, a butterbur?

I didn’t know fuki in English, so I had to look up in the dictionary.

I don’t know if you have fuki here, but at least you have the word.

FUKI is a very fibrous vegetable, and also we have to pre-treat  in a certain way otherwise it remains harshness.


(the photo borrowed from here)

Fuki is not common vegetable even in Japan, that’s why when I have fuki at my parents’ house, I feel like I am eating something very special.

Usually kids don’t like it or wouldn’t eat because of its humble appearance.

There are tons of dishes cooked by my mom which I strongly remember  and feel nostalgic about, but I don’t remember fuki at all from my childhood memory.  Probably I had fuki for the first time when I was over 30.

Then its taste reminded me of one vegetable, which was celery.

That’s why I come up with this dish.


Very simple.

I prepare dashi stock and put some soy sauce and sake.

Cut celery, and add into the dashi soup.

If you have bonito flakes, finish it with the flakes.


( in my case, I used one stalk of celery root, and 3/4cup of dashi stock with 2 teaspoons of soy sauce and 1 teaspoon of sake.)

It might be slightly blunt for you, in that case, you could add more soy sauce or even Japanese seven spices, shichimi, to give it a punch.


On the other side of the obento,  I have cooked egg.

Egg is very popular ingredient for obento because every house has eggs in the fridge and it is easy to cook.  In the busy morning, it is necessary.

I could put just boiled egg with some salt and spice, but this morning I did cook a boiled egg for it to be more delicious.



Prepare a boiled egg.  Cut in half, then put some katakuri ko, potato starch, on the cut side.

If you don’t have katakuriko, you could use flour instead.

In a small bowl, prepare approximately 2 teaspoons of soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of sugar, and 1 teaspoon of unseasoned rice vinegar.


Heat a pan with some oil, and put egg, cut side down.

After a minute or so, add the prepared sauce in the pan.

Be careful!  It splashes sometime.

Cook for just a 10-20seconds, and,,,,


This is very good for obento because it has strong flavor. (we usually make foods a little salty or rich for obento to satisfy the appetite even they are small portion.)



I hope my husband enjoys today’s obento.


Then I got a message from my husband in the middle of the day.

GOCHISO SAMA DESHITA! (It was delicious!)


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